Pay attention to the physical efficiency test to get a police job

The recruitment exams for police jobs in different states have a different syllabus. The common thing for these government jobs is the physical standard test (PST) and the physical efficiency test (PET).

For the Bihar Police Constable position, there are a certain set of parameters that are judged to check the eligibility of the applicants. This part of the recruitment test will have running, shot put, and high jump events.

On the other hand, the UP Police SI recruitment exam will conduct a running test for male and female candidates only. The criteria for running a particular distance depends on the posts.

For the constable position in Bihar, the male candidates have to cover 1.6 km within 6 minutes and the female candidates have to cover it within 5 minutes. For the SI position in UP, the male candidates have to cover 4.8 km in 25 minutes whereas the female candidates will have to cover 2.4 km in 14 minutes.

The common part of these two recruitment exams is the physical eligibility test. Let us take a quick look at the tips for maintaining a good physique and fitness level to cross these hurdles.

How to prepare for police physical efficiency tests?

Apart from covering the syllabus for the written exam, one has to make sure to meet the physical fitness criteria. Your physical standards should be of the mark too. Make sure you can pass the physical standards before you make a decision to appear in the exam. There is no relaxation for your height, weight, and other measurements.

When you are sanguine that you can easily cross the standards, prepare for the physical efficiency test. Let us check how you can maintain your physical efficiency.

  • The running part

For males, the distance candidates have to cover is 1 mile or 1.6 km. This parameter is set to check the lung capacity of a candidate. During running, a person will need ample oxygen supply to his muscles to carry on smoothly. It depends on the efficiency of your lungs and muscles that you can carry on running for 6 minutes and complete the test perfectly. Or female candidates, they have to cover 1 km in 5 minutes.

It is not easy to cover this distance within the stipulated time. Never think that you can cover the distance without any hassle on the exam day. You will need to practice sprinting and running almost every day to achieve that level. Covering this distance is tough when you are not accustomed to such physical output in a short time span. To train your body, you will have to gradually achieve that level and carry on increasing your efficiency.

  • Shot put

Not all police posts require this section for the selection of suitable candidates. For Bihar Police, the aspiring constables will have to throw a heavy metallic ball weighing 16  pounds or 7.25 kg up to a distance of 17 feet. The female candidates will have to cover a distance of 13 feet by throwing a 12 pound (5.44 kg) metallic ball.

The event of shot put is conducted to check the strength of the arms, back, and legs of the candidates. Throwing a 7 kg metallic ball needs practice. Without practice, one can injure his/her muscles on the exam day. to cover the distance, one has to achieve that capacity and ace the efficiency test.

  • High jump

The male aspirants will have to overcome a 4-feet hurdle whereas the female aspirants have to jump over a 3-feet hurdle. This test is conducted to check the strength of the leg muscles. It also helps the recruitment body to check whether a candidate is capable of lifting his/her weight.


Physical fitness is a mandatory part of these jobs. Being a police officer/constable, one has to be mentally and physically fit. It is a challenging job for all. Become fitter by practicing these events every day. 

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